Virtual Learning Platform

Hi there, my name is Sheila Sacks. I have been in the field of teaching for at least 40 years. The last 20 years I have lived my dream by running my own playschool, called Playmates. Now that COVID-19 has changed lives all over the globe, I have decided to continue pursuing my life work online. I hope you find inspiration in my programme and enjoyment for your child. My purpose is to impart knowledge in a fun way and impact your child’s learning in a positive and loving way.


A programme that aims to prepare your child for school holistically by developing a positive and healthy attitude towards learning

What we do

All basic concepts taught in a fun and stimulating way with a qualified teacher and mom (40 years experience)

2020 and beyond!

Programme for both toddlers and young kiddies (1,5 - 4-year-olds) | All of this, jam-packed into a brand new virtual learning platform for your convenience and peace of mind!