Our Newsletter – starting a brand new year with our littlies

Hello Playmates Family!!

Welcome to all new and old parents. It is an absolute pleasure to have you all part of our 2019 at Playmates Play School!

The first few weeks have been a mixed jar of emotions with each day bringing new tests and challenging moments. With this, the children have been adapting to their new environment and exploring their surroundings, while experiencing moments of anxiety, tears, bravery and smiles. Through all of these experiences, the children have been learning ways to cope with their emotions by pushing themselves to build on new relationships with other children and creating bonds with their teachers. Although these first weeks have been filled with various shades of emotions, they have bravely overcome them, and for this, we commend and admire them.

Parents, we thank you for the way you have prepared your children for the beginning of their school journey. It won’t be long before they will be filled with utter happiness, joy, and feelings of contentment and self-composure, while waving goodbye to any morning anxiety.

Yesterday we officially started our Body Awareness programme and will be focusing on the face for this week. Each week we will change our focus to something new, to do with the body.


* Parking on the school side of the road ONLY and keeping driveways clear.

* Lunchboxes, water bottles, clothing, hats, bags, sun cream etc are to please be clearly labelled.

* Spare change of clothes in each child’s bag. It is summer and water play is a popular one!

* Please pop into the potty room regularly and check on your little one’s nappy box. Replenish as required.

* Scrapbooks.

* Drop off time is between 8:30 am and 9 am. Our school routine begins soon after this.

Thank you all for everything, I appreciate it all! Have a great week!





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