Our Newsletter – The oval and the egg

Dear Parents

‘Unpredictable’ is a good label for the week just gone by. Like the weather, the kiddie’s moods changed from being quietly subdued ‘calm before the storm’ little people, to restless, energetic little hurricanes who could not sit still for a moment!

However, this did not stop us from completing the week’s agenda – even if we felt like salmon swimming upstream in a storm! The secret is to remain calm at all costs, sublimely flexible at all costs… and to go with the flow!

The Oval presented us with a wonderful opportunity to explore the egg, its contents, and how it arrived on the breakfast table. Their affair with the egg began when I showed them a picture of a mother hen sitting on her eggs to keep them warm and how, after a period of time, the little hatchlings pecked their way out and went ‘Cheep’ ‘Cheep’. I passed a real egg around so they could feel it’s an oval shape. They were as gentle as lambs as they passed it around the ring, feeling it’s weight and shape before giving it back to me. I asked them if they knew what would come out of the egg if I were to crack it open. Some immediately shouted, ‘A chicken’, while others remained dubious and undecided.

Seeing the contents of the egg presented the perfect opening to explain about the farmer, who collected the eggs from the hens before they could hatch, and how he took them to the market or delivered them to Pick ‘n Pay, where their mums bought them. And somewhere along the way, we also chatted about Humpty Dumpty and his dreadful fall from the wall!!

So it was a fun and informative week and they also learned their new song ‘Ollie Oval’. They had a lot of practice separating ovals from circles and we counted all the ovals, then all the circles and then all of them together!

In the art room, they produced a cracked egg with a yellow chick inside…. and for baking, they made a straw nest using pasta and topped it with a hard-boiled egg!

I wanted them to make some scrambled eggs at school but then I thought how much they’d enjoy making it at home with mum instead!!

Enjoy the pics…

Next week: the Rectangle!

Riley, our little superhero, we can’t wait to have you back with us next week. We missed you so much while you were in hospital!

Have an extra-cuddly weekend,

Warm regards,


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