Our Newsletter – the end of the year is fast approaching now!

Dear Moms and Dads

What a week! Our playmates are not holding back in any way or form and seem to have absorbed the thrills and expectations of the approaching holiday season to embellish their play with a fervour seldom seen other than this time of year! WOW! They have us on our toes performing great feats of tenacity and perseverance…like never before!!

But despite the high velocity we still managed to achieve some receptivity while exploring the uses of the tongue. They had such fun discovering what they could do with it! Every morning we performed tongue exercises – up and down, from side to side, in and out, curling up and under and rolling.

It was fun bringing their awareness to how busy that little tongue was and how it was responsible for enabling us to talk, taste and clean our teeth. I did not tell them that in some Asian countries it was customary to stick your tongue out at others as a sign of greeting and respect!! I decided this fact might cost me my job!

They were introduced to the largest tongue, that belonging to the Blue Whale, and the longest tongue belonging to the chameleon. Madi tried desperately to shoot her tongue out like the chameleon while others tried to touch their noses in the way dogs do. They were simply too short. They could, however, lick their lips all around, which gave them a sense of achievement!

We then spent some hilarious time tasting different foods and identifying what was sweet, sour, salty, spicy or bitter. Their lunch boxes took on new meaning when opened to reveal an assortment of different tastes. All yummy! Lastly, we made a delish pasta salad to take home.

Enjoy these fun pics… courtesy of Ayesha who captured just the right moment!

Next week we’ll whiff, sniff and smell everything in sight…

Have a great weekend!

Warm regards


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