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A note from Sheila Sacks | Introduction


It is the month of June 2020. As I write this my mind travels back to 1999 when I first opened my little playschool, Playmates.

It has been an extraordinary journey for me, almost dreamlike now, when I look back. Forgotten are the difficult times and all the anxieties along the way. It was like giving birth to my dreams. Every mother will attest to the fact that the pain of birthing a child is intense, but quickly forgotten, as the joy of seeing your little one grow and fill your life in delightful ways, replaces it.

I look around me today and find it difficult to believe how surreal my life has become and how much the larger global picture has changed. With this very sudden change, forced upon us and dictated to us by the coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves grappling to find the anchor that once held us firm. That anchor has gone and we now flounder in new and very uncertain times.

Some will feel the extraordinary energy of this change and will feel exhilarated by it. They will pivot and redefine themselves. They will nurture a new hope and faith within themselves which will carry them forward. These are the fortunate ones who have harvested strong and wise beliefs from life. They know how important change is, for it is this very change that has been the bedrock of our evolution.

It must continue. Sometimes this change comes subtlety into our lives but it is not always this elusive. This year it has come with catastrophic rage leaving heartbreak in its wake.

So, it has awoken within me, a need to change. I must continue to evolve. The path ahead has become visible. This is the time to regroup, rethink our norms and harness this new energy, in a way that will be positive, productive and forward-looking.

With this in mind, Playmates will evolve into a Virtual Learning Platform. I will pursue my dream on another level which will continue to enrich my life and give little minds the opportunity to learn and grow in many meaningful ways.

I feel confident in this new endeavour and know it will remain a place where I can impart love, nurturance and learning. I would like you to come along with me!

“I’ve always loved butterflies,
because they remind us that it’s never too late
to transform ourselves.”
~ Drew Barrymore


Warm regards

Sheila Sacks

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