Our Newsletter – our last one for 2019, where has the time flown?!

Hi Everyone!

Here are some pictures of last week with a quick summary of what we got up to.

As you know it was all about the nose and they loved learning about how it functioned. Nicky, who at the time had a snotty nose due to an allergic reaction, provided us with the perfect intro.

I pointed this out to the group and explained what was happening inside Nicky’s nose and how the nose produced the snot to catch the germs and other bothersome things in the air. I told them the smart word for snot was mucous.

We learned that we had two nostrils divided by the septum. I don’t think they got their heads around that word but nevertheless they could feel that the nostrils were two separate places.

They particularly loved the stories I told them about police and army dogs and how much stronger their sense of smell was and how they were trained to sniff out baddies.

We play-acted this. I brought a smell from outside into the playroom, in my hands. They all took a sniff and then, pretending to be police dogs, ran outside to identify the smell. The first to recognize the smell had to bark loudly! They wanted to do this repeatedly but after three times I ran out of smells…

We learned how to blow mucous out, using a tissue and then throwing it in the bin. Nicky was glowing with pride, being the only one who could give a really good, productive blow!

Every day thereafter someone always announced they needed a tissue to blow out their mucous!!

They enjoyed the smell recognition too. Riley guessed the coffee smell and Ethen guessed the hot chocolate.

We also learned about the care of the nose and compared our noses to that of many animals, like the elephant…

And sooo much more!

Not many photos, but here are some for you to enjoy with your little ones:

Kind regards


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Our Newsletter – the end of the year is fast approaching now!

Dear Moms and Dads

What a week! Our playmates are not holding back in any way or form and seem to have absorbed the thrills and expectations of the approaching holiday season to embellish their play with a fervour seldom seen other than this time of year! WOW! They have us on our toes performing great feats of tenacity and perseverance…like never before!!

But despite the high velocity we still managed to achieve some receptivity while exploring the uses of the tongue. They had such fun discovering what they could do with it! Every morning we performed tongue exercises – up and down, from side to side, in and out, curling up and under and rolling.

It was fun bringing their awareness to how busy that little tongue was and how it was responsible for enabling us to talk, taste and clean our teeth. I did not tell them that in some Asian countries it was customary to stick your tongue out at others as a sign of greeting and respect!! I decided this fact might cost me my job!

They were introduced to the largest tongue, that belonging to the Blue Whale, and the longest tongue belonging to the chameleon. Madi tried desperately to shoot her tongue out like the chameleon while others tried to touch their noses in the way dogs do. They were simply too short. They could, however, lick their lips all around, which gave them a sense of achievement!

We then spent some hilarious time tasting different foods and identifying what was sweet, sour, salty, spicy or bitter. Their lunch boxes took on new meaning when opened to reveal an assortment of different tastes. All yummy! Lastly, we made a delish pasta salad to take home.

Enjoy these fun pics… courtesy of Ayesha who captured just the right moment!

Next week we’ll whiff, sniff and smell everything in sight…

Have a great weekend!

Warm regards


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Welcome to the 4th term of 2019!

Dear Moms and Dads,

Three days into the term and it’s like standing in the doorway of a new and beautiful sunny day which promises the riches of precious moments of love, growth and inspiration! Your little ones have plunged back into their play so joyfully, and seeing their beautiful energy and spontaneity is indeed heart-warming!

We will make the most of every wonderful day; we will walk through each little challenge and greet the new spaces we create with the love of simply being alive!

So welcome to the 4th Term! Come along for the ride and enjoy the adventure!

This term’s journey will take us into the world of the FIVE SENSES, a doorway through which we’ll peek and wonder at the glorious gifts that enable us to derive so much pleasure from life. An awesome way to end the year!

Along the way, I’ll be in touch to keep you within the loop of our explorations, so that you can assist and encourage your littlies in any way you choose.

Remember, please, to pack hats and sun creams and make sure to keep a change of clothing in your child’s satchel – for those little accidents and the exuberating water play they so happily indulge in!

We welcome Keryn, Arthur and little Xenia, this term, and wish them every happiness at Playmates!

Warmest regards,


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Our Newsletter – starting a brand new year with our littlies

Hello Playmates Family!!

Welcome to all new and old parents. It is an absolute pleasure to have you all part of our 2019 at Playmates Play School!

The first few weeks have been a mixed jar of emotions with each day bringing new tests and challenging moments. With this, the children have been adapting to their new environment and exploring their surroundings, while experiencing moments of anxiety, tears, bravery and smiles. Through all of these experiences, the children have been learning ways to cope with their emotions by pushing themselves to build on new relationships with other children and creating bonds with their teachers. Although these first weeks have been filled with various shades of emotions, they have bravely overcome them, and for this, we commend and admire them.

Parents, we thank you for the way you have prepared your children for the beginning of their school journey. It won’t be long before they will be filled with utter happiness, joy, and feelings of contentment and self-composure, while waving goodbye to any morning anxiety.

Yesterday we officially started our Body Awareness programme and will be focusing on the face for this week. Each week we will change our focus to something new, to do with the body.


* Parking on the school side of the road ONLY and keeping driveways clear.

* Lunchboxes, water bottles, clothing, hats, bags, sun cream etc are to please be clearly labelled.

* Spare change of clothes in each child’s bag. It is summer and water play is a popular one!

* Please pop into the potty room regularly and check on your little one’s nappy box. Replenish as required.

* Scrapbooks.

* Drop off time is between 8:30 am and 9 am. Our school routine begins soon after this.

Thank you all for everything, I appreciate it all! Have a great week!





Playmates Playschool
082 444 0701
021 715 1836
Bergvliet, Cape Town

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Our Newsletter – Our Sense of Smell

Dear Parents,

What a glorious week we had with our noo noo’s! The sense of smell, as part of our 5 senses theme, offered the most wonderful experiences and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It was not only an experience for them, but an awakening too. They became more acquainted with that sweet little nose in the middle of their faces…..learnt how important it was and how it enticed and lured every passing scent into their awareness!

When the different scents were presented to them, some were a little reticent but most needed little encouragement and were quick to show their pleasure or displeasure. The yummy vanilla scent that reminded them of mom’s cookies was a firm favourite! They also enjoyed plunging their hands into a big bowl of eucalyptus fruit pods, which filled the entire room with the most exquisite scent. They also picked lemon leaves from the tree in the playground, tore them into little pieces and popped them into little bottles to take home to share with you…. and ditto with mint leaves. Lastly, they made mom a little gift for her closet – little voile sachets filled with lavender! Enjoy, Mom!

The week has been a topsy-turvy one, weather-wise, but today we knew summer had succeeded in shrugging off her winter coat as the warmth of a gloriously sunny day embraced us. So out came the water and out came the smiles, laughter and the contentment that only water play can elicit! The mud kitchen became a hive of activity once more, as our little chefs turned out cake after muddy cake. Out came their little buckets of water and paintbrushes and Jesse managed to paint the entire Wendy house from top to bottom! Yusuf was immediately charged with the task of replacing all the shade cloth over the areas of play and was ever so enthusiastically aided by a little band of helpers, so the job was happily completed!

From left to right: Smelling the eucalyptus ~ Shredding the lavender ~ Putting mint leaves into the bottle

From left to right: Mom’s little gift ~ Zach had his ducks in a row ~ Graeme watered the beans ~ Lila helped Yusuf ~ Georgia had her hands full

From left to right: Reading is such fun ~ Feeding the hungry bottles ~ Good friends in the bus ~ Where are your feet, Amelia? ~ Fine-motor weaving

From left to right: Busy as a bee watering the garden ~ We like being babies too ~ Please do not disturb me ~ Hello beautiful boy! 

Next week promises a load of fun with the sense of sight!

Wishing you all a happy, safe weekend!

Kind regards,


Playmates Playschool

082 444 0701
021 715 1836
Bergvliet, Cape Town

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