Our Newsletter – Happy Birthday to sparkly Dolly Diamond!

Dear Parents

We’ve had a really awesome week under magnificent blue skies, each day enveloping us in the golden warmth that heralds the coming of spring, where jerseys are thrown off and shoes discarded in an urgency to feel the freedom of playing barefoot! However, the nippy mornings tell us that winter is not done with us yet and she might still unleash some storms and icy winds to keep us indoors cuddling under duvets in front of glowing fires.

We put STARS on the back-burner for now so that we could focus on a more complex shape, the DIAMOND. Being a more challenging shape, we’ll take a little longer learning about it, so we’ll extend it into next week as well.

We sang Dolly Dimond’s song and made her shape with our bodies, sticks and blocks and also drew her shape on a mirror tray covered with cornflour! They really enjoyed this activity and loved the magic their fingers created! They also discovered other shapes in a container of salt. That was fun!

To emphasize the fact that diamonds sparkle, we celebrated Dolly’s birthday by lighting a sparkler and singing to her! We did many other activities to consolidate our colours and shapes, enjoying the fact that two triangles formed a diamond!

They made a diamond collage in the art room and on Friday we baked diamond biscuits with sprinkles on top. Too yummy for words!

Your little ones are such a pleasure to teach! Enjoy the pics…

Fynn arrived in his Fire Rescue outfit just in case we lit another sparkler… Madi counted her doll’s toes… and the sweetest little friendships are beginning to blossom!

So sweet! Have a happy weekend!

Warm regards,


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Our Newsletter – Glorious winter days and Tony Triangle

Dear Parents

These glorious sun-filled days are so liberating at this time of the year and your little ones have used their newly found confidence as a springboard to fully release their surging energy and soar with their boundless imaginations!

They loved learning about Tony Triangle with his different features and once they had befriended him by absorbing his special qualities, they enjoyed making him in different ways, using body parts, blocks, spandex and then taking home a yummy pizza cut into triangles.

Father and Mother Christmas featured too when they emerged at the end of the morning wearing the white triangular-beards they had made in the art room! They looked so precious!
I cannot feature all the beautiful photos here, in the newsletter, so I will send them to you via WhatsApp.

Here are your little troopers!

Next week we’ll have fun with STARS!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards,


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Our Newsletter – meeting Ronnie Rectangle

Dear parents

Talking about the weather has become one of our morning highlights. The kiddies look outside with great excitement and tell me what they see – blue skies, Mr Golden Sun, cheeky clouds, grumpy clouds, rain or wind.

They understand that the grumpy clouds are dark and carry all the rainwater. We’re happy because the rain fills the dams, gives plants water to drink, but best by far, are the wonderful puddles they get to splash in! They LOVE their boots and very proudly show off their special features like Lightning McQueen, Crocodiles or dinosaurs with awesome teeth!

When the rain is pelting down, we sing our ‘rainy-day’ songs with special fervour! We’re learning the days of the week too, which is quite a challenge, but every day before we go home, we whisper the name of the next day into our hands and immediately pocket it for the next day. You’d be surprised how many kiddies remember!

This week, learning about Ronnie Rectangle has been enjoyable for all. We brought out our big blocks and had a great time making rectangles, emphasizing the two long sides and two short sides. We also stretched spandex into rectangular shapes and used the flannel board to differentiate between the square and rectangle. They love it when I act silly and sneak some squares in amongst the rectangles and delight in pointing this out to me!

In the art room, they assembled a rectangular ‘monster’ using a wonderful assortment of colourful scrap. They were gorgeous! Then they had fun showing off their scary monster faces in front of a rectangular mirror.

To round off the week, they took home 3 words to remember – Monday, reflection and seven. Every day we sing songs about the days of the week and count them on the weatherboard, but when I asked them how many days there were in the week, not one child knew the answer!! It struck me again that children sing songs and count by rote without actually integrating what they’re saying. That’s the challenge of teaching!! Breaking new concepts down into understandable segments, and making them come alive, will always help them integrate these concepts more easily.

Welcome back little Fynn! We missed you bunches!

Happy photos to follow…

Warm regards


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Our Newsletter – The oval and the egg

Dear Parents

‘Unpredictable’ is a good label for the week just gone by. Like the weather, the kiddie’s moods changed from being quietly subdued ‘calm before the storm’ little people, to restless, energetic little hurricanes who could not sit still for a moment!

However, this did not stop us from completing the week’s agenda – even if we felt like salmon swimming upstream in a storm! The secret is to remain calm at all costs, sublimely flexible at all costs… and to go with the flow!

The Oval presented us with a wonderful opportunity to explore the egg, its contents, and how it arrived on the breakfast table. Their affair with the egg began when I showed them a picture of a mother hen sitting on her eggs to keep them warm and how, after a period of time, the little hatchlings pecked their way out and went ‘Cheep’ ‘Cheep’. I passed a real egg around so they could feel it’s an oval shape. They were as gentle as lambs as they passed it around the ring, feeling it’s weight and shape before giving it back to me. I asked them if they knew what would come out of the egg if I were to crack it open. Some immediately shouted, ‘A chicken’, while others remained dubious and undecided.

Seeing the contents of the egg presented the perfect opening to explain about the farmer, who collected the eggs from the hens before they could hatch, and how he took them to the market or delivered them to Pick ‘n Pay, where their mums bought them. And somewhere along the way, we also chatted about Humpty Dumpty and his dreadful fall from the wall!!

So it was a fun and informative week and they also learned their new song ‘Ollie Oval’. They had a lot of practice separating ovals from circles and we counted all the ovals, then all the circles and then all of them together!

In the art room, they produced a cracked egg with a yellow chick inside…. and for baking, they made a straw nest using pasta and topped it with a hard-boiled egg!

I wanted them to make some scrambled eggs at school but then I thought how much they’d enjoy making it at home with mum instead!!

Enjoy the pics…

Next week: the Rectangle!

Riley, our little superhero, we can’t wait to have you back with us next week. We missed you so much while you were in hospital!

Have an extra-cuddly weekend,

Warm regards,


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