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Our Curriculum | Four Modules


Module 1 – Body Awareness
Happy Body, Happy Me!


My aim is to draw awareness to the body and its possibilities; to know how the body moves in space and to distinguish one body part from another.


This muscle control and evaluation of a child’s own body fosters the development of healthy self-esteem within the child.


It grows confidence and is scholastically and intellectually of great importance.


Most importantly, my aim is to teach children to cherish and take care of their bodies throughout life.


Module 2 – Colours


This module has some surprises, all of which will fascinate and thrill little minds. We learn the colours by teaching a Komodo Dragon all his colours, which have been forgotten by him.


Together we colour the world by celebrating the seasons; the hibernating habits of some animals; all the changes in nature and how these changes impact creatures big and small.


It sets the stage for learning how these changes impact us too. We learn that colours have meaning, ie red means stop, green says go!


Feelings are important too! Which colours make us want to smile… 


Module 3 – Shapes


Shapes are all around us. I help children to observe shapes and recognise how they differ from one another.


This is excellent preparation for reading, writing, maths and drawing.


Many shape songs are learnt along the way. This is such a fun challenge for curious little minds!


Module 4 – The 5 Senses 


Like osmosis, children absorb the world through their 5 senses. This is how they learn.


I help them recognise, identify and experience their senses in exciting and pleasurable ways.


Together we build vocab and learn to express feelings. In this way, children learn about themselves at a deeper level which is so important in their life experience.

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