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Happy Customers!


We were all very sad to hear that Playmates is closing down.


For Nina, you are very much part of her world and she always says back “I love you Sheila” at the end of your videos. For us, you are always going to stay in our hearts as the very special first teacher of our daughter.”

“Xenia really loves your e-learning videos.


They are perfectly suited for her age group. She finds them fun, and she loves answering your questions and interacting with you while you point things out.

She really loves the videos about all the colours, as she’s suddenly learning to recognize them all, and she is pointing colours out at home all the time. She also really loves to sing along when you sing songs. Especially the ones that she recognizes.


It’s been so nice to have these videos to show her, as she’s missing you and her friends at Playmates.


Her face lights up when I put one of your videos on for her.”

“My son loved school and was devastated when lockdown happened.

Playmates learning videos were a way for him to see and learn from his teacher again. Our daily ‘Sheila mails’ became a regime in the household with everyone becoming involved by singing songs or practicing colours and counting!


The activity packs reinforced what we learnt from the videos and brought back somewhat ‘normality’ to the long days stuck at home.
We were worried at first with him watching a video but they were just long enough for him to keep his concentration and then the crafts were still manageable for his age and kept him busy.


Sheila has a wonderful rapport with little children who simply adore her!”

“… says I must tell you that our little guy is really engaging in the videos you send. He always sings and claps along. And really listens to you. So it’s a hit!”

“So what a smile we just had now when we opened the pack and saw Connor’s cute face looking back at us 😁.
I have to just say that I can see the effort that goes into these packs and the videos.


I really think you’ve risen to the challenge and have made the absolute best of a horrible situation.


Thank you thank you for all the effort. We really appreciate it! And Connor is enjoying it all too 😘.”

Happy kiddies, learning virtually from home with Teacher Sheila…
… happy parents and families too! 😊🌻👍🏻


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