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Take care, Sheila

Wrapping up Rectangles

Rectangles and Nursery Rhymes

Rectangles – Spot the Difference

Rectangles – Introduction

Eyes closed – feel the shapes!

Triangles in Puzzle Land

Fun with triangles

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Counting with Hickory Dickory Dock

The Magic Faraway Tree and Old McDonald’s Farm

The Magic Faraway Tree and Shape Land

Building Squares with Farmer Brown

Meet Sammy Square – Last week we learnt about circles, this week we be learning about squares

Sheila goes to the Circus!

Fun with Circles!

Circles – Big and Small

Introduction to Circles. And say hello to Mr Line!

The Gingerbread Man

Wily’s Purple Party! Wily has learnt all his colours!!

Purple Monsters and dinosaurs!

Colour Mixing Fun with Purple!

Purple Week! Learning about opposites using hot and cold experiments

Wily’s Orange Party – Wily learnt the colour orange!

Sharing is Caring – Part 2

Sharing is Caring – Sharing oranges and carrots!

Introduction to the colour Orange! Watch Sheila go fishing!

Wily’s Magic Blue Party – Learning about colour mixing!

Feeling Blue?

Blue Week! Teaching Wily all about the colour Blue

Wily’s Red Party! Wily has learnt the colour red!

Little Red Riding Hood – Storytime

The Big Baby – Storytime

Yum Yum… Red Sizzling Sausages. Learning about Red with sizzling sausages

Mr Grocer Man, please may I buy some eggs? Grocery shopping and Maths with the colour red

Into to Red Week! Help Wily sort all the school’s red toys from smallest to biggest


Mr Golden Sun and the Rain. Teaching Wily why sunlight and raindrops are so important to all the green leaves and plants

This is so sad! Wily’s beach is full of litter!!

Green Week! Introduction to the colour green

WILY FOUND HIS YELLOW!! Wily Komodo has learnt his colour yellow…

Colour Sorting and Finding Yellow! Help Sheila find all her yellow toys!

Wily Komodo – Storytime

Introduction to Yellow…

Wily Komodo Dragon – Where did all his colours go?

The Princess and the Wizard – Storytime…

Braveheart and Craft

Magic Maths

Sink or Float? Experimenting at Playmates Playschool

Robots and more!

Storytime! Little Bear’s Special Friend…

Hibernation – Why is Grizzly Bear sleeping?

Manners and More!

Autumn Colours

Painting Activity All about Autumn colours!

Seasons at Playmates Playschool

Sing-a-long with us!

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