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Dear Moms and Dads

It has been a great, yet quiet week with a handful of our little owls being absent. Emotionally, our little ones are beginning to settle down and their positive energies are an uplifting asset to our daily routine. They are eager to experience new things and have been involving themselves in our activities when they feel ready and comfortable to do so.

We have continued with our body awareness programme this week, allowing our little ones to explore different aspects of themselves and their bodies in relation to other people and objects around them. They have had such fun becoming familiar with the different aspects of special awareness, hand-eye coordination, proprioceptive input and fun gross-motor movement.

From a game of pairing up to identify each other’s body parts,  crawling through tunnels, jumping and singing to fun music, to baking their feet shapes, they’re having good plain fun investigating their surroundings. In our outdoor area, as always, the mud kitchen and water areas are total hot spots and the places to be. Who could ever say no to a cup of tea and a sand brownie? To end off the week, our Friday orchestra and obstacle courses are an absolute hit!

The children are having a really great time developing, not only their body awareness, but also the self-reflection this awareness brings about.

I recently found a quote online which really resonated with me and shows the importance of play, both intellectually and socially. “Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. It is a necessity.”

Have a great week all.

Warm regards,

Sheila and Kerri


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