Our Newsletter – Our Sense of Smell

Dear Parents,

What a glorious week we had with our noo noo’s! The sense of smell, as part of our 5 senses theme, offered the most wonderful experiences and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It was not only an experience for them, but an awakening too. They became more acquainted with that sweet little nose in the middle of their faces…..learnt how important it was and how it enticed and lured every passing scent into their awareness!

When the different scents were presented to them, some were a little reticent but most needed little encouragement and were quick to show their pleasure or displeasure. The yummy vanilla scent that reminded them of mom’s cookies was a firm favourite! They also enjoyed plunging their hands into a big bowl of eucalyptus fruit pods, which filled the entire room with the most exquisite scent. They also picked lemon leaves from the tree in the playground, tore them into little pieces and popped them into little bottles to take home to share with you…. and ditto with mint leaves. Lastly, they made mom a little gift for her closet – little voile sachets filled with lavender! Enjoy, Mom!

The week has been a topsy-turvy one, weather-wise, but today we knew summer had succeeded in shrugging off her winter coat as the warmth of a gloriously sunny day embraced us. So out came the water and out came the smiles, laughter and the contentment that only water play can elicit! The mud kitchen became a hive of activity once more, as our little chefs turned out cake after muddy cake. Out came their little buckets of water and paintbrushes and Jesse managed to paint the entire Wendy house from top to bottom! Yusuf was immediately charged with the task of replacing all the shade cloth over the areas of play and was ever so enthusiastically aided by a little band of helpers, so the job was happily completed!

From left to right: Smelling the eucalyptus ~ Shredding the lavender ~ Putting mint leaves into the bottle

From left to right: Mom’s little gift ~ Zach had his ducks in a row ~ Graeme watered the beans ~ Lila helped Yusuf ~ Georgia had her hands full

From left to right: Reading is such fun ~ Feeding the hungry bottles ~ Good friends in the bus ~ Where are your feet, Amelia? ~ Fine-motor weaving

From left to right: Busy as a bee watering the garden ~ We like being babies too ~ Please do not disturb me ~ Hello beautiful boy! 

Next week promises a load of fun with the sense of sight!

Wishing you all a happy, safe weekend!

Kind regards,


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