Our Newsletter – We love all the beautiful colours!

Dear Moms and Dads,

We’re on track with our Colours Theme and Wily Komodo is slowly but surely learning his colours. He is extremely happy about this and has managed to lay a yellow, red and green egg so far, which the children have noted with much delight! They become very indignant, though, when the naughty goblin who lives in the Faraway Tree, hides the eggs which they have to find and put back into his cave. They take this responsibility very seriously!

Kerri has also taken her colours very seriously and has been bouncing around disguised as a tomato, apple and a strawberry and has intrigued the children with an assortment of colourful activities which have kept them enthralled!

Our little chefs have loved all the colourful baking – yellow Jelly, bananas and custard, strawberries with red jelly and finally today, they made a green salad and then wolfed down some yummy, wobbly green jelly! They had fun too learning about robots and songs about robot colours. Here are some activities that have kept them busy…

In the coming weeks, we’ll be celebrating Autumn with its glorious array of colours, orange and brown in particular.

We’ll learn about trees and why they lose their leaves and also peep into the world of forest creatures like squirrels who forage for nuts.

We’ll also explore the world of hibernating animals.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the rain. Moms, Happy Mother’s Day!  We hope you feel very loved and simply perfect on your very special day!

Warmest regards,



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