Our Newsletter – Our Colours Theme

Dear Moms and Dads,

There were so many pretty, precious and delightful moments during our Colours Theme. Smiles danced on excited little faces as each colour was experienced and integrated. There were some wonderfully unexpected surprises too, which astonished and thrilled your munchkins. One of these was the shaving foam experience. They looked quite stunned when we squirted swirls of white foam all over the table around which they were standing. We then dripped a few drops of blue food colouring on top and left them to it! At first, they stared and stared but then, curiosity, as always, got the upper hand and soon little fingers were eagerly exploring. Before long the white snow became blue and their fascination could not be sated. They could happily have played all day!

Below are some photos taken along the way….

Your children are magnificent! All the little pleasures we receive from them inspire us so much and bring endless joy! It has been a wonderful term!

We wish you a happy holiday!

Warmest regards,

Sheila, Kerri, Julia, Ayesha and Yusuf


Playmates will be closed for the June/July break from 15th  June  – 18th July. We will close at 12pm tomorrow.


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