Our Newsletter – Keeping our Bodies Strong and Healthy

Dear Parents,

I have loved every minute of the last two weeks! With Kerri’s amazing enthusiasm, she has cajoled our little ones into such a joyous momentum of energy and delight, that the days have flown by in a deliciously happy fervour!

We have focused on how we keep our bodies healthy and clean and believe it or not, there was so much cooperation!! They fed Molly (painted by Madi!) healthy fruit and vegetables and on baking days, made yummy fruit sticks to eat, as well as marshmallow teeth in rounds of red apple! Scrumptious! Those tiny marshmallows were totally irresistible!

They painted pictures of fruit which they popped into a grocery bag to take home as a reminder to eat the good food that keeps them strong and healthy. They brushed their teeth to the toothbrush song and then, to the music of “Scrub your dirty face”, they washed their hands and faces with wet wipes. All accomplished with much gusto! They also practised protecting themselves from sunburn by donning hats and sunglasses and applying sunblock. They took this very seriously which definitely indicates that one day they’ll be responsible adults!!

The fun continued as they tested their skills on the obstacle course which proved an exhilarating challenge for them. They all passed with flying colours…..including our very little ones who found it quite irresistible and were happy to muddle in and do their thing in their own sweet way! And so the fun continued as they turned themselves into pretzels while exploring what they could do with their body parts. Toes to noses…..they tried it all!  Fine motor fun with fingers and sorting games are always on the daily agenda…… and of course, lots and lots of soul-nourishing play!

The term has flown by but it has been an enriching one, with many memorable moments that warm our hearts. First terms are always very challenging, especially for moms who have to contain their anxiety as they leave their precious dumplings with us!  It’s never easy and we understand the heartbreak and the wrench you feel during this difficult time. However, for our littlies, the irresistible urge to play soon takes over and it isn’t long before their happy laughter fills the air and we all feel comforted in the knowledge that they have sourced their inner strength and can move forward feeling empowered. That’s a good feeling for all!

Have a lovely weekend and take care,

Warm regards,



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