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Dear Parents,

It is a lovely feeling to end the week feeling satisfied! It was a very special week and so exciting to see the way our little ones made connections which provoked new insights!

Sadly though, today we had to say goodbye to Luke once more. He will be attending a school in the UK for next year but we are assured he will be visiting us upon his return to Cape Town.

On behalf of all at Playmates, we wish Paul and Tatsiana the very best. May all your endeavours bring success and happiness. It was a privilege getting to know your sweet, charming little boy! He will be missed so much!

Exploring the sense of sight was great fun. The children were intrigued when I told them that eyes worked very hard and needed to rest after a busy day of looking at everything, and how important it was to close them at night, stop looking and sleep! Here’s hoping they remember this!!  We also covered our eyes with our hands and imagined what it would feel like without being able to see.

They were fascinated too, when I brought out a blindfold, blindfolded myself and tried to recognize some of the children by feeling their hair and clothing with my hands. They loved this and couldn’t wait to try it! They were far more successful in recognizing their friends!

Next, we looked at our reflections in a large mirror. It was very insightful to see how shy some of our boisterous little super-heroes became, when confronted with themselves in this way! However many were courageous and pulled faces, while others roared like a lion or posed in one way or another. Gosh, they were so precious!

We also passed around smaller mirrors and asked them to blow onto them to make them misty so they couldn’t see their faces. This was hilarious! Some succeeded well but others found this deep blowing from the lungs a rather challenging exercise! But great fun, nevertheless!

They were so delighted when we discovered moths in our silkworm box! We enacted the life-cycle by pretending to be newly-hatched baby caterpillars munching leaves, getting big and fat, spinning our cocoons, lying inside the cocoon, warm and cosy, changing into a moth, nibbling a hole, squeezing out of the cocoon and finally spreading our wings and flying away! They were incredibly sweet!

They made a kaleidoscope to take home, enjoyed Luke’s delicious farewell treats and that wrapped up a really, super week!

Michaela was a beautiful butterfly, Jack was pregnant all week, Ava made muffins, Daniel found a snail, James found snails too… and finally, Goodbye Luke!

I am so excited to announce that our Facebook page is now live and updated! I will be posting regularly to keep you up to date with your children, our playschool, and what little people get up to in general.

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Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Warm regards,


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