Our Newsletter – Term 2 is just around the next corner already!

Dear Playmates Parents

As I typed this newsletter, I find myself still trying to comprehend how quickly this year has flown by and that term 2 is on its way! For some parents, it is the second term of their little one’s school career. Well done to you all! I KNOW I will be the crying parent outside after letting go of my own child! I applaud you.

Playmates will reopen on Wednesday, 3rd April. 

What absolute happiness it has been to see all your little ones settle in so happily! They’re showing their confidence, they’ve settled in with their new friends and some have even found themselves forming a “click”. It always warms my heart to watch them exploring together and playing these imaginary games. Their little characters come out and it is such a treat to listen in, to where their imaginations take them. It really is so precious!

The winter colds, flu and tummy bugs have kicked in, in full force. Over the holidays, all our toys and apparatus will be cleaned and we will continue to sanitize our hands regularly during the days. We thank you for keeping them at home when they are sick and ask you to please continue doing so. These bugs spread incredibly quickly and the cold never helps.

Autumn is here, showing off our beautiful colours of red, golden and russet leaves. We will be emphasising this with our theme of Colours during the second term.   

We wish you all an awesome, safe and healthy break!

Best regards,


Playmates Playschool
082 444 0701
021 715 1836
Bergvliet, Cape Town

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