Our Newsletter – Gosh, time really does fly!

Dear Parents,

Here we are again at the end of another fabulous year! Gosh, time really does fly! Our little ones are totally oblivious to the passage of time through their busy little lives and I envy them this ability to live for the day, making every precious moment count.

Play, real play, is so important. It is a valuable part of learning. So many skills are honed and the really cool part of play is that it is usually self-chosen and the kiddies get to make the rules! They were born to play and would play all day if allowed! So it is with much pleasure that we watch their little personalities unfold during a year spent playing. They have all grown so much and it has been truly delightful to watch this sweet blossoming year after year!

The older children are bursting to spread their wings. They are wearing their confidence proudly and are so ready to leave the Playmates nest to take the next step into a brave new world. We’ll miss them so much, and will feel a little orphaned in the wake of their leaving, but we know that they’ll go from strength to strength and we wish them good health and happiness always.

Sadly, we are also saying goodbye to Angie this year. She’ll be expanding her Pilates business and although we’ll miss her so very much, she’s very excited about it and we wish her every success. Together we had so much fun and I cannot thank her enough for all the time she committed to us and for all the love she heaped on our littlies over the years. She helped us grow in so many ways and I will always be truly grateful to have had Angie, my Angel, at my side for 8 years!  So it is with a heavy heart that we bid her farewell.

A newly-qualified teacher will be joining us next year and I look forward to welcoming her into the Playmates family. She is super-enthusiastic about teaching at Playmates and I know she’ll be a huge success.

My amazing staff become more amazing with every passing year and without their devotion and dedication we would not reap such joy in our little school. They are invaluable and so appreciated!

On the last day of term we’ll be having a little sing-song so please come along and delight in your little munchkins! They are so proud of themselves and will be over the moon to see you here, applauding them! We start at 10.30am and school will close at 11am.

Please remember to take home any leftover nappies, also hats and sun cream. And please check the lost property for those items of clothing that got away!

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for contributing so much this year! Your enthusiasm for all we did was so appreciated! Your cooperation, kindness and happy smiles helped make this year a very happy one!

I hope the holiday season is filled with warm togetherness, love-wrapped surprises, safe journeys and smiles as wide as hammocks! Be well, be happy and we’ll be here again next year to welcome back those who will be staying on.

Warmest regards,


Playmates Playschool

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Bergvliet, Cape Town

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