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Dear Parents,

My apologies for not managing to deliver my newsletter last week! My newly upgraded computer could not recognise my amateurish fumbling, and therefore would not cooperate……so I am feeling a little unhinged and a perhaps a little in awe of it all….so please bear with me!

The first week back from the hols was super-charged and our little ones were galvanized into action like never before! They are brimming with confidence and are now truly the masters of their school domain!

Our ‘five senses’ theme for this term is going well. We learnt about ‘touch’ last week.  Apart from a wonderful tactile experience, it also offered the children an opportunity to expand their vocab, with words like soft, hard, rough, silky, fluffy, spongy, spikey, rubbery etc. They’ve really enjoyed it so much and they especially loved feeding the 47 million little silkworms! Every day they fed them their daily munch of mulberry leaves and watched, bewitched, as they grew!

Kathy, thank you for coming to my rescue by introducing me to the Mother of all Mulberry Trees! This magnificent matriarch, with her copious leafy skirts reaching the ground all around her, is enormous! A grand old lady indeed, and she resides in the greenbelt off Firgrove Way. I was delighted to have found such an impressive home for the 47 million!  The process, however, was not without sorrow for I had to keep 30 of them at school, so our littlies could see them spin their cocoons and watch the miracle of the emerging moths. So it was with mixed feelings then, that Yusuf and I took the remainder of the 47 million down to their new home and freedom……hoping the beady-eyed birds were having a siesta and not noticing the tasty treats being scattered among the leaves!

Proud to display their touchy-feely artwork……..fine-motor spider catching……..and a little peek-a-boo!

The silkworms tickle……lots of happy laughs!

On Friday, the children put together a pasta salad and enjoyed cutting the carrots, celery, peppers and parsley into little pieces. They added sweetcorn and a delish mayo sauce. Yummm!

This week we are focusing on ‘hearing.’ Your children are amazing the way they can sit in a ring, close their eyes on the count of three, and listen…. They’re so good you can hear a pin drop! I’m very proud of them! They then tell us what they heard…a car, helicopter, a bell, bird tweets etc and they love the fact that they can hear things with their eyes closed! We will help them learn how to discriminate between sounds that are far away, near, loud, soft, sharp or piercing……and help them tuck these new words into their ever-expanding vocab.

Next week we’ll be exploring ‘taste’ – sweet, sour, bitter, spicy…..

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe,



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