Our Newsletter – Happy Birthday to sparkly Dolly Diamond!

Dear Parents

We’ve had a really awesome week under magnificent blue skies, each day enveloping us in the golden warmth that heralds the coming of spring, where jerseys are thrown off and shoes discarded in an urgency to feel the freedom of playing barefoot! However, the nippy mornings tell us that winter is not done with us yet and she might still unleash some storms and icy winds to keep us indoors cuddling under duvets in front of glowing fires.

We put STARS on the back-burner for now so that we could focus on a more complex shape, the DIAMOND. Being a more challenging shape, we’ll take a little longer learning about it, so we’ll extend it into next week as well.

We sang Dolly Dimond’s song and made her shape with our bodies, sticks and blocks and also drew her shape on a mirror tray covered with cornflour! They really enjoyed this activity and loved the magic their fingers created! They also discovered other shapes in a container of salt. That was fun!

To emphasize the fact that diamonds sparkle, we celebrated Dolly’s birthday by lighting a sparkler and singing to her! We did many other activities to consolidate our colours and shapes, enjoying the fact that two triangles formed a diamond!

They made a diamond collage in the art room and on Friday we baked diamond biscuits with sprinkles on top. Too yummy for words!

Your little ones are such a pleasure to teach! Enjoy the pics…

Fynn arrived in his Fire Rescue outfit just in case we lit another sparkler… Madi counted her doll’s toes… and the sweetest little friendships are beginning to blossom!

So sweet! Have a happy weekend!

Warm regards,


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