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Dear Moms and Dads

What an adventurous touchy-feely week it’s been! It was so enjoyable bringing the children’s awareness to those things to which they never give a second thought, or take for granted, but the biggest challenge was to describe what their hands and feet were feeling and to label that feeling.

They were encouraged to use descriptive words like ROUGH, SMOOTH, PRICKLY, SOFT, HARD, COLD, WARM and many more.

We examined our feet by feeling them, top and bottom; we tickled them underneath, scratched and rubbed them, squished our toes and then chatted about their importance and how they helped us play and feel. Then we enjoyed a sensory walk, feeling all the different textures and sensations underfoot.

We took a walk around the school, feeling the warm rough bricks, smooth stones, prickly leaves, the coarse, bumpy bark of a tree trunk and the cool, fresh feel of green grass. Of course, Saffy met us along the way and was delighted to be surrounded and petted by this group of enthusiastic little people! Such a pampering she has never had and we all agreed she was very soft and furry. Lucky the tortoise, however, was highly indignant when he received the same treatment, with many little fingers stroking his shell and the top of his head, while his strong little legs flailed beneath him. He was truly incensed by this invasion of his privacy. He is, by nature, a disgruntled fellow, so we will have to watch our toes when next we visit!

Wide Eye, the resident owl, let the children put their hands inside him to feel the things he had on offer. They pulled out fluffy things, hard bumpy things, heavy and light objects, all of which were passed around the group to be gently caressed, bringing them a sense of awareness, of all the many different textures.

In the art room, they compiled a picture of many different textures and for baking, their busy little fingers mixed the ingredients for the crunchy crunchies which were baked and later eaten with relish!

Everything has its wonders in childhood. To watch a child unfold, in the magical mystery of experience, is a beautiful thing!

Enjoy the photos…

Next week, we’ll use our ears to HEAR!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Warm regards,


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