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Dear Parents

This week, learning about SUSIE CIRCLE, captured all I love about teaching. Your littlies want to learn; they sit in the ring with expectation and curiosity gleaming in their eyes and all I want to do is take these precious moments and fulfil all their expectations and curiosity by revealing the little things that we adults take for granted! I raided my kitchen and brought out all my saucepans and lids, which I presented to them. We had such fun matching lids to saucepans and discussing the different sizes and weights. Some could see clearly which lid fitted which saucepan but others were not so sure, as small lids clattered into the large pots! We all agreed that the saucepans and lids were round in shape, just like Susie Circle!

On another day we brought the saucepans out again but this time they were each given a teaspoon, told to turn their pot upside down and drum. Ayesha had the huge leather drum and drummed out simple beats for them to copy. This was a challenge, but taking the risk to receive such challenges is an important part of their growth and development and they loved it!

They also had fun rolling the rather heavy, circular balancing board to one another. Another challenge!

In the art room, they stamped circles of paint onto paper and also made a frying pan with 3 eggs frying inside it. They were beautiful and such fun to make!

In the music room, they drove their ‘Beep-beep’ cars using hoops for steering wheels and had the greatest time putting balls into a large circular canvas which they stood around holding while trying to shake the balls into the air. There was much raucous yelling and laughter as the balls flew high or flew off!

We pressed out circles in playdough and also had the greatest time pressing out a circle from a slice of bread and then ever so carefully pouring an egg into the hole. We baked this and they had a scrumptious treat to take home!

Enjoy these photos of the week…

Next week we’ll turn our attention to Sally Square! 

A BIG thanks to my amazing staff for doing such a fabulous job while I was ill.

Have an extra-special weekend, keep warm and safe.

Warm regards


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