Our Newsletter – Go the Bokke! And, learning about our sense of Hearing

Dear Moms and Dads

We’ve had a double win this weekend with the arrival of Kim and Myron’s sweet baby Luke, brother to our little Logan….. plus the Bok’s magnificent World Cup victory! Celebrations all round and many tears of joy!

We congratulate the happy parents and wish them sweet, cuddly moments, precious memories and all the happiness their hearts can hold!

We’ve had a really great week with our ‘Hearing’ theme, discovering many interesting facts about ears in general and comparing our ears to the elephant’s huge ears. They were enchanted with the fact that most animals are able to move their ears forward and backwards to hear sounds, whereas we could not move our ears…..only by turning our heads! Nor could we flap our ears like the elephant! Your little ones tried to get their ears to cooperate but to no avail! They would not move, they would not flap!

We also learned the importance of having ears and how LISTENING protects us! Listening to mom and dad, friends and teachers…. and to recognise those sounds that put us in danger, like a growling dog. We had wonderful conversations about all this and they enthusiastically offered their thoughts and stories, some of which, in this highly imaginative age, were quite extraordinary!!

We also played a game by sitting in a ring around a blindfolded child who had to listen carefully while someone in the ring said ‘hello’. The kiddie had to point in the direction of the sound. They loved this and all insisted on having a turn. Such fun!

They also had to make sounds from memory in response to my questions, ’What sound would you hear if someone had a cold? Sausages frying in a pan? A police car driving by? If someone told a funny story? Etc

There was a lot of vocab-building with words such as ‘heavy/light’, loud/soft, tin, plastic, wooden, glass, crumpling, tearing, shaking and cutting.

During snack time, we sat quietly and listened, to one kiddie at a time, bite into a cracker or crisp or an apple or carrot. We also covered our ears with our hands while we chewed or spoke and they were fascinated at how the sounds were amplified! Then lastly, to round off our week of listening, we made popcorn, the best treat ever!

Next week we’ll explore the sense of Taste!

Have a happy weekend!

Warm regards


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