Our Newsletter – introducing Sally Square and her song

Dear Parents

Another week has slipped by, ending on this glorious Friday, promising a warmer, sunnier weekend ahead.

Watching how our little ones absorb new concepts is both insightful and inspiring. The ‘square’ taught them that shapes have specific properties, such as the number of sides and how the shape looks. This knowledge of shapes gives our children an advantage in many areas of learning.

Like numbers, letters come from the combination of different lines and shapes. So if they are able to distinguish between shapes, they are better equipped to notice the differences in shapes of letters and numbers which will ultimately assist with reading and writing.

We began the week by introducing ‘Sally Square’ and her song. The song was sung with much enthusiasm as ‘Sally’ took on her special characteristics and became their friend. We made her 4 sides with coloured ice-cream sticks which they could interpret as a box or a house with two walls, a roof and a floor.

This week I looted my Tupperware cupboard which yielded many square tubs, including their lids which was miraculous!! I hid different coloured squares inside each one and their challenge was to open their box and reveal what they found inside. This was good for colour reinforcement too.

On another day they were each given a fairly large square scarf. This was a tougher challenge for our littlies because it involved listening to instructions and copying actions. We first spread our scarf flat on the carpet, counted the sides and then the corners. For some, this encounter with their scarf was somewhat daunting, but with a little help, all frustrations were quickly dissolved and the task was done! We then folded our square in half and in half again, to form a smaller square. I watched in awe as some of our little magicians produced the magic without a hitch!

On arriving at school this morning I was eagerly asked if we were going to bake a Sally Square…. to which I replied “Yes!” amid squeals of joy! They also loved making a square Sally in the art room and I must say they did remarkably well, placing all the features, arm and legs, just so, in their own special way!


Learning is such fun! Next week we’ll discover the OVAL!

Have a great weekend all!

Warm regards,


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