Our Newsletter – looking back on a wonderful year

Dear Moms and Dads,

I have never known a year to go by so quickly! Looking at all the photos taken along the way, I am reminded how far our little ones have come. The playground is buzzing with an energy that speaks of the confidence our munchkins have honed during a year of endless fun, boundless self-discovery and the cultivation of social skills. The older children, who were like little tadpoles when they arrived, have grown enormously in their little Playmates pond and are now, like little frogs, ready for the next leap into the big wide world.

Helping them become aware of their 5 senses has been very gratifying. ‘I hear’ took on a whole new meaning when we challenged them to ‘listen’. Listening skills were sharpened when they had to identify an array of sounds – also loud sounds, soft sounds, sounds close by and sounds coming from afar. This brought them a new awareness and helped expand their vocabulary. We also listened to the sound of popping popcorn and focused on listening carefully to instructions.

The sense of ‘sight’ was equally satisfying and helped them become aware of their world by ‘seeing’ the wonder around them; ‘noticing’ little things; expressing what they saw and becoming aware of how things they saw made them feel. They were also challenged to remember the things they had seen and also to discriminate differences. One morning, a beautiful little leopard toad presented itself for inspection, to the delight of all! How they marvelled at its colourful skin and the way it puffed itself up and leapt around!

Here are some photos of all the fun we had and also some magical artwork…

The smiles at Playmates are the best!! We’ve all caught Kerri’s infectious smile…..warm, beautiful and as wide as a hammock!  But we don’t smile when you’re flexing our muscles like Rhys and Benjy!

Take your smiles with you and have a delicious weekend!

Warm regards,


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