Our Newsletter – meeting Ronnie Rectangle

Dear parents

Talking about the weather has become one of our morning highlights. The kiddies look outside with great excitement and tell me what they see – blue skies, Mr Golden Sun, cheeky clouds, grumpy clouds, rain or wind.

They understand that the grumpy clouds are dark and carry all the rainwater. We’re happy because the rain fills the dams, gives plants water to drink, but best by far, are the wonderful puddles they get to splash in! They LOVE their boots and very proudly show off their special features like Lightning McQueen, Crocodiles or dinosaurs with awesome teeth!

When the rain is pelting down, we sing our ‘rainy-day’ songs with special fervour! We’re learning the days of the week too, which is quite a challenge, but every day before we go home, we whisper the name of the next day into our hands and immediately pocket it for the next day. You’d be surprised how many kiddies remember!

This week, learning about Ronnie Rectangle has been enjoyable for all. We brought out our big blocks and had a great time making rectangles, emphasizing the two long sides and two short sides. We also stretched spandex into rectangular shapes and used the flannel board to differentiate between the square and rectangle. They love it when I act silly and sneak some squares in amongst the rectangles and delight in pointing this out to me!

In the art room, they assembled a rectangular ‘monster’ using a wonderful assortment of colourful scrap. They were gorgeous! Then they had fun showing off their scary monster faces in front of a rectangular mirror.

To round off the week, they took home 3 words to remember – Monday, reflection and seven. Every day we sing songs about the days of the week and count them on the weatherboard, but when I asked them how many days there were in the week, not one child knew the answer!! It struck me again that children sing songs and count by rote without actually integrating what they’re saying. That’s the challenge of teaching!! Breaking new concepts down into understandable segments, and making them come alive, will always help them integrate these concepts more easily.

Welcome back little Fynn! We missed you bunches!

Happy photos to follow…

Warm regards


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