Our Newsletter – our last one for 2019, where has the time flown?!

Hi Everyone!

Here are some pictures of last week with a quick summary of what we got up to.

As you know it was all about the nose and they loved learning about how it functioned. Nicky, who at the time had a snotty nose due to an allergic reaction, provided us with the perfect intro.

I pointed this out to the group and explained what was happening inside Nicky’s nose and how the nose produced the snot to catch the germs and other bothersome things in the air. I told them the smart word for snot was mucous.

We learned that we had two nostrils divided by the septum. I don’t think they got their heads around that word but nevertheless they could feel that the nostrils were two separate places.

They particularly loved the stories I told them about police and army dogs and how much stronger their sense of smell was and how they were trained to sniff out baddies.

We play-acted this. I brought a smell from outside into the playroom, in my hands. They all took a sniff and then, pretending to be police dogs, ran outside to identify the smell. The first to recognize the smell had to bark loudly! They wanted to do this repeatedly but after three times I ran out of smells…

We learned how to blow mucous out, using a tissue and then throwing it in the bin. Nicky was glowing with pride, being the only one who could give a really good, productive blow!

Every day thereafter someone always announced they needed a tissue to blow out their mucous!!

They enjoyed the smell recognition too. Riley guessed the coffee smell and Ethen guessed the hot chocolate.

We also learned about the care of the nose and compared our noses to that of many animals, like the elephant…

And sooo much more!

Not many photos, but here are some for you to enjoy with your little ones:

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