Our Newsletter – Learning all about our sense of touch

Dear Moms and Dads,

One is so easily drawn into the wonder of a child’s world where spontaneity is king, where curiosity is given full reign and where the imagination soars joyously and freely. Creativity is born and nurtured in this kind of freedom where children learn to express and cope with their emotions. This is indeed a precious, happy and unpressured time for our little ones to indulge their senses and nurture their souls…..a time for them to express their uniqueness and build self-belief.

As we progressed with our ‘Sense of Touch’ theme, we have seen how different experiences lit a fire of pleasure within our littlies; how their eyes shone with the thrill of discovering a new sensation or awareness. They loved finding one another while blindfolded and enjoyed feeling different textures underfoot. They adored stepping into tubs of squishy paint and walking across paper, but rolling out soft and yielding biscuit dough sent their taste buds into joyous overdrive…. a definite favourite!

Enjoy these gorgeous pics of your children and feel their joy as we did!

Hope your weekend is filled with warm cuddles, smiley faces and warm togetherness!

Take care all,

Kind regards,


Sheila and Kerri

Playmates Playschool
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