Our Newsletter – We say good-bye to Term 2, Happy Holidays and enjoy all of those extra cuddles!

Dear Parents,

We had such a lovely last day of term! Your little ones pulled out all the stops and behaved like little superhero’s, listening so well and singing like little nightingales!

It was a special day too because we said goodbye to our little Nina who is going to Poland for three months, to visit her grandparents. So we celebrated with wobbly jelly and custard to send her on her way!

We also made Wily Komodo a large colourful blanket to keep him warm while we’re away on holiday. That was fun, and satisfying too, because they all know their colours now and have taught Wily his colours with great gusto!

The naughty goblin, however, continues to hide Wily’s eggs and our munchkins have become very skilled at finding them every morning!

Here are some pics from the term…

All our little treasures!

Have a great holiday and enjoy all those extra cuddles!

Warm regards,


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