Our Newsletter – Hello and Welcome to the 3rd Term everyone!

Dear Parents

Welcome to the 3rd Term and a whole lot of fun!

Your children are super eager and excited about our new theme, SHAPES. Today we introduced SUSIE CIRCLE and her song which we will be singing all week. We also sorted circles from a heap of assorted shapes and most managed very well.

At home, I would like you to bring their awareness to all circles in the home and garden and if you could include a circle-shaped food in their lunch – cucumber, orange, round crackers etc, that would be great. They love showing off their lunch box circles!

Children learn best when they are active participants in a learning experience. They need to experience things in a concrete way, meaning they can see, feel, manipulate, touch and taste things. This helps build incredibly important foundational skills for learning and for life.

Please remember to bring a box of tissues for the term. Also please keep your child at home if you notice any flu symptoms.

I’ve noticed that many children take off their shoes and run around in their socks, which become wet, so please pack an extra pair of socks! This is something new and we spend a good part of the day putting shoes back on and tying shoelaces which they insist on untying!

We wish you a happy and healthy 3rd Term.

Warm regards


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