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Dear Moms and Dads,

We’ve had such a wonderfully active and productive third term. Kerri has interwoven her teaching of shapes into the magic of play with many activities to integrate and consolidate….all of which have been thoroughly enjoyed by our littlies.

The children are playing with far more purpose now, relishing their friends and celebrating the leap of their imaginations which have come to the fore in no uncertain terms. My lavender bush took a thrashing last week when two little boys, armed to the teeth with a saw, a hammer and a broomstick “saw” a snake in it and dealt it many lethal blows! Poor bush survived the onslaught but it’s bedraggled presence reminds us that the imaginings of these little people are indeed very real and at times fearful.

This is the age when ‘monsters’ come out in the wee dark hours to terrify our little ones and cause much nocturnal distress. It is a frightening experience for them and a very real one.

At school, we have seen how they deal with this by playing ‘monster-monster’ where they chase one another around pretending to be monsters. This, however, did not sit well with some littlies, so we had to intervene and explain that monsters didn’t exist in real life, only in dreams and that they, the children, were the boss of their dreams and thoughts and could go to their happy place whenever they were afraid. We spoke about their happy places and closed our eyes to imagine them.

In an effort to minimize their fear, we asked the children if the dream monsters they saw were happy or sad, big or small, or perhaps lost? Could we help them? What if we gave a sad monster a hug to make it feel better? Could we show the lost monsters the way home? Do they have a mommy and daddy who must be missing them? Do they have sisters or brothers? They happily engaged in this conversation and there was much laughter. There is no doubt that this is a difficult question and one needs to be intuitive when dealing with it. You know your child so help him/her in a way that will resonate but always remain light-hearted and positive. In this way, we empower them to conquer their fears.

I think the shape they loved the best was the oval. We made oval dinosaur eggs which they helped to hatch by spraying them with a solution of bicarb and vinegar. They were intrigued and excited to see the baby dinosaurs emerge. We also gave them a hammer to break the eggs open. It was such fun!

Here are some pics of a few fun things they enjoyed….

How they love little spaces and wheelbarrow conversations!

“The decision to have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk about outside your body.”

Looking forward to Holiday Care from 1 – 5 Oct.  Playmates will reopen on Wednesday 10th October. We wish you a happy holiday!

Warm wishes,


Sheila and Kerri

Playmates Playschool
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Bergvliet, Cape Town

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