Playmates Playschool – 2019 year end time…

Dear Moms and Dads

Please will you join us on Tuesday the 3rd of December at 9am when we present our End of Year Ring.

Playmates will close on this day, at 10am and NOT on the 4th of December as previously stated. This will hopefully help prevent a clash of times for those parents who have siblings at other schools.

The ring should take about half an hour, after which we will be serving soft drinks, cake, and of course the kiddies very best ice-cream cones!

I sincerely hope you’ll all manage to come along to cheer your little ones on as they proudly sing and show you what they can do! I hope they don’t become ‘deer caught in the headlights’ or suffer stage-fright, but that’s all part of it and we fully understand!!

This invitation is inclusive of all family members. Grannies, Grandads and nannies are especially welcome!

The end of the year has a way of sneaking up on one, leaving one to pause for a minute and think, “Where has it gone?”- leaving us wondering why we did not stop for a precious moment longer; to smell the sweet perfume of Life’s roses and simply pay more attention to the little things that really matter. But such is the merry-go-round of life and we are all caught up in its compelling grasp! When next we look, our children have grown….

There is something I really must say to you all. You have been amazing parents in every way, thoughtful, appreciative and spontaneous in your gratitude and supportive in your willingness to help wherever possible. Thank you for this, it has meant the world to me and my wonderful staff. We have been truly blessed to have parents like you! It has been a privilege!

As usual, we will break a little inside when we say goodbye to our biggies, who will be leaving the Playmates nest to spread their wings elsewhere. They take our love with them, but they leave us a heartful of precious memories.

To the littlies who are not ready to take flight, we will rejoice and look forward to another year of smiles and sunshine!

The SA economy has a stranglehold on Playmates and we find it increasingly more difficult to maintain the school’s upkeep. So I would humbly like to request a parting donation to the school, as in a puzzle, educational toy, book or anything you might have at home that is no longer needed. Every little thing helps and we would deeply appreciate it!

Thank you!

Warmest regards


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