Sheila’s Vision


It has always been my dream to prepare a beautiful, happy and stimulating environment for children.

It is a privilege and a joy to see the way they nurture their souls with the sheer pleasure of playing.  The way they so spontaneously fulfil their needs through play, and the way they meet the many challenges that accompany this profoundly demanding stage of development.

I have been teaching for close on 40 years. I initially taught Grades 1 – 3, but when my own children came along, they toddled into my first little playgroup and there was no looking back!

I loved it – and haven’t stopped loving it.  Living my life surrounded by these energetic, enthusiastic and loving little people, is magic. It’s an elixir.

The ‘home-from-home’ environment I have created ensures children feel safe. In this atmosphere of tranquillity and stability, relationships of trust are built which enable the child to feel secure and calm.

I believe every child is an individual with his own unique development, ability, potential and intelligence. Therefore, it is with much loving care, gentle handling, affection and consistency in setting boundaries, that children are able to realise their potential and develop confidence, self-control and respect for others. Showing appreciation and acceptance of even their most hesitant efforts is core to building a healthy self-esteem.

We work very closely with our parents. Together we guide, lead and help the children in our care to find a niche in a fast-changing world where ever-greater demands are made on both parents and children.

Working with children is a very humbling experience because the child will push you to your limits and beyond, and make you realise how much you have to grow in patience, wisdom and love.

I believe that children were indeed created for the pleasure of our hearts and the worship of our eyes!

~ Sheila

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