Welcome to the 4th term of 2019!

Dear Moms and Dads,

Three days into the term and it’s like standing in the doorway of a new and beautiful sunny day which promises the riches of precious moments of love, growth and inspiration! Your little ones have plunged back into their play so joyfully, and seeing their beautiful energy and spontaneity is indeed heart-warming!

We will make the most of every wonderful day; we will walk through each little challenge and greet the new spaces we create with the love of simply being alive!

So welcome to the 4th Term! Come along for the ride and enjoy the adventure!

This term’s journey will take us into the world of the FIVE SENSES, a doorway through which we’ll peek and wonder at the glorious gifts that enable us to derive so much pleasure from life. An awesome way to end the year!

Along the way, I’ll be in touch to keep you within the loop of our explorations, so that you can assist and encourage your littlies in any way you choose.

Remember, please, to pack hats and sun creams and make sure to keep a change of clothing in your child’s satchel – for those little accidents and the exuberating water play they so happily indulge in!

We welcome Keryn, Arthur and little Xenia, this term, and wish them every happiness at Playmates!

Warmest regards,


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