What We Do

The Playmates day is designed to create multiple circles of interaction.

These include gross-motor, fine-motor and many sensory experiences.

A ‘mud kitchen’ facilitates water and sand play – an invitation for aspiring chefs to test their culinary skills!

The ‘shop’ and ‘dress-up’ corner offer wonderful opportunities for conversation and imaginative play.

The day is interwoven with stories, songs and music participation – all of which develop the desire for social interaction and bonding.

Art and craft activities are theme-based: body-image, colours, shapes, the 5 senses, seasons and much more.

Baking is a firm favourite providing wonderful sensory exploration opportunities.

The rabbits, guinea-pigs and the tortoise are important members of the Playmates family – they engender a great deal of curiosity and are happily subjected to much feeding!

Our many and varied activities provide opportunities to develop motor-planning skills – along with fun and affectionate interaction with the teachers.

We pair the warm, happy feelings of interaction with learning, and our children look forward to the tickles, high-fives, smiles, hugs and the praise they receive with every effort and each step of progress they make along the way.

It is a happy talent to know how to play!

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